Windform LX 2.0 has passed the CTI test

Windform LX 2.0 has passed the CTI test
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The Windform LX 2.0 laser sintering material is confirmed as a suitable material for applications that require electrical insulation, having a Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) equal to 600.
CRP has provided 11 samples of Windform LX 2.0, to be tested for the determination of the comparative and the proof tracking indices of solid insulating materials according to IEC 60112.
The result of the test, that is carried out with both 50 drops and 100 drops, is considered positive as it reported a CTI index of 600 .
It is a further confirmation of the insulating characteristic of Windform LX 2.0, the polyamide based material reinforced with new generation glass fibre of CRP .

Windform LX 2.0 is therefore suitable for electronic applications, such as electronic control units components, electrical connectors and any prototypes in touch with electronic items.

Results can be looked up from the website of Windform at the page Download Documents