Windform 3D Printing at the Grand Pavois with Livrea26

Windform 3D Printing at the Grand Pavois with Livrea26
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The Windform 3D printing materials and the technology of 3D Printing by CRP Technology will be on stage at the Grand Pavois International In-Water Boat show from 16th to 21th September at La Rochelle, France at the booth of Livrea Yacht Italia.

CRP Technology, company of the CRP Group is leader in the field of 3D Printing manufacturing technology with Windform materials. At the show at La Rochelle, it will be possible to see the 1:14 3d-printed prototype of Livrea26. A contemporary version of boats that have their roots at the Island of Pantelleria, a very famous Italian rocky island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The design of the boat has been done by Livrea Yacht Italia that has created a new concept of this typical yacht of the Italian island of Pantelleria. In the past it was constructed with mulberry wood and sea pine.
Today it is possible to see at Grand Pavois the evolution of the original design of the yacht. Livrea26 is the name that its creators have chosen for this project.

In details, the boat has been built in 1:14 scale utilizing Windform XT 2.0, a polyamide-based material reinforced with carbon fibres developed and produced by CRP Technology. This innovative boat will be 26’ when produced in real scale and includes the best know-how in yacht design, material engineering, and high standard of quality.

Livrea26 will be exhibited inside the booth of Livrea Yacht Italia in La Rochelle in order to show visitors the new frontier of Windform 3D Printing materials in the boat building.

Livrea Yacht Italia booth # Open air H-13.