New HSC Röders 5-axis milling/grinding machine at CRP Meccanica

New HSC Röders 5-axis milling/grinding machine at CRP Meccanica
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CRP Meccanica invests in new machinery and strengthens itself as leading company for High precision CNC machining

In the first half of 2018 CRP Meccanica’s CNC Machining Department will be enhanced by HSC Röders 5-axis milling/grinding machine, to be used in a wide range of components, such as hydraulics and power units as well.

New HSC Roders 5-axis milling/grinding machine at CRP Meccanica

Constant technological renewal and high quality are key elements for the success of those working for high-performance sectors. It is in compliance with this principle that CRP Meccanica, CRP Group’s specialized company in precision CNC machining for over 45 years, announces a new investment: in the first half of 2018 its CNC Machining Department will be enhanced by HSC Röders.

This High Speed Milling machine, combines milling and 5-axis grinding.
“This is a very important and uncommon feature – commented Franco Cevolini, CEO and CTO at CRP Meccanica – “We do believe this is the suitable machine to meet the increasingly stringent needs of high performance sectors, such as F1”.

The choice of CRP Meccanica demonstrates, once again, the company’s ability to look to the future by proposing itself as an avant-garde technological partner.
“Over the last few years the F1 world – added Franco Cevolini – has been moving on hybrid propulsion, and now it is looking at the full electric. This Röders mill/grind machine is perfect for manufacturing power unit components, both hybrid and electric, which increasingly require close tolerances and adjustments to complex surfaces.

CRP’s know-how allows us to produce highly precise mechanical components that need to have high standards in terms of quality and reliability. In these sectors a few thousandths of a millimeter make the difference.
With the aid of the hybrid HSC Röders mill/grind machine, we will be able to support even more customer requests, and even prevent issues by suggesting grinding, in place of milling, to achieve the best solutions. “Offering the combination of milling for roughing, finishing, grinding and measuring – commented Cevolini – creates the conditions for time and cost saving, as well as ensuring the highest quality and performance.”

“We are very proud – added Marco Fasoli, Business Manager Machining Area Ridix S.p.A.- to supply this High-Speed Mill/Grind machine to CRP Meccanica, a leading benchmark for High Precision CNC machining.
As exclusive importers in Italy for Röders, we are sure it will be the beginning of a technological collaboration of the highest level”.

CRP Meccanica does not follow technology, it creates it. “Having a cutting-edge CNC Machining Department – stated Cevolini – is a fundamental requirement for us, especially when we are at the forefront as technological partner in precision CNC machining for high performance sectors such as motorsports, and aerospace”.

Technical Details

5Axis Mill/Grind RXP950DSH
High speed machine tool with “polimer composite” cast frame and rotational/tilting 4 th and 5th axis that ensure maximum precision and excellent surface quality.
The control hardware and software are specifically tuned to this machine to help guarantee excellent 3D profiling and surface quality.
The patent-pending Z axis compensation, along with linear direct-drive motors on all axis, guarantees excellent accuracy and repeatability.
The linear induction motors are liquid cooled, as well as the rotational/tilt axis induction motors are monitored through linear scale feedback positioning.

New HSC Roders 5-axis milling/grinding machine at CRP Meccanica