Livia Cevolini at PhD Program BioRobotica

Livia Cevolini at PhD Program BioRobotica
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Livia Cevolini, CRP Group Marketing Director & Sales and CEO Energica Motor, will be among the speakers of the prestigious plenary meeting of the PhD Biorobotics Program part of the BioRobotics Institute of Sant’Anna School.

The event will be held Wednesday, July 5th at SIAF, Volterra.

Every year the BioRobotics Institute-Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna-organizes a plenary meeting in Volterra with the dual aim of focusing on the research activities and evaluating the path of students enrolled in the PhD Program In BioRobotics.

The PhD in BioRobotica is a three-year study and research program that aims to train researchers with high skills both in scientific and innovation research. The Director of the Institute, Professor Paolo Dario, who also coordinates the PhD Program since its establishment, intends this doctoral course as a unique moment in the lives of the students, who must not only learn the method of research but also open up to the world, with an inter-multi-disciplinary vision, and aim to become “Renaissance Engineers of the Future”.

Livia Cevolini