Franco and Livia Cevolini at Gestire e Misurare l’Innovazione

Franco and Livia Cevolini at Gestire e Misurare l’Innovazione
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Franco Cevolini CEO and CTO CRP Group and Chairman Energica Motor Company S.p.A., and Livia Cevolini Marketing & Sales Director CRP Group and CEO Energica Motor Company S.p.A., will be attending the panel discussion “Gestire e misurare l’Innovazione”, co-hosted and co- promoted by Kilometro Rosso.

The event, at its third edition and promoted by Strategie & Innovazione, aims to discuss tools, experiences and ideas on how companies manage and measure the process of internal innovation. It will be held on October 4th, at Parco Scientifico Tecnologico Kilometro Rosso.

Livia Cevolini will be on stage as panelist.
She will explain the “Energica formula”, and also illustrate the CRP Group’s goals and milestones: Energica was born from an entrepreneurial vision of the Cevolini family in 2009, after the CRP Racing experience and along with eCRP.

“The CRP Group – stated Eng. Livia Cevolini – acted as Energica’s technology and financial incubator, and it is still today the lead investor of Energica Motor Company, since it has become an independent entity.
The use of professional 3D printing along with Windform® composite materials and high precision CNC machining has allowed Energica to come onto the market in a short time, accelerating the prototyping and development phase”.

“We are proud to share our corporate records with the Italian entrepreneurs who spread the Made in Italy all over the world – commented Eng. Franco Cevolini -. Our Group is strong and is growing: the new distribution agreement we established is proving CRP Group is strengthening its presence in Europe and U.S.; the invitation to attend the panel discussion “Gestire e misurare l’Innovazione” evidences it”.

“Whoever works for F1 teams, for automotive and for all advanced industry sectors,” stated Livia Cevolini “has something different in his DNA:  technology is worthless if it is an end in itself. People have to work hard, fast and provide excellent services. But above all, it is crucial to know and understand customer needs before submitting them a solution. This is, in summary, the “CRP Process”, and from the CRP Process derived a corporate culture that has helped Energica to develop and grow in a few years. “