CRP USA at the Luxury Technology Show 2015

CRP USA at the Luxury Technology Show 2015
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CRP USA will be exhibiting at the Luxury Technology Show in Hollywood Los Angeles, on September 30.

The staff of CRP USA will be at the venue in order to show the latest innovation in the additive manufacturing with Windform materials.

The Luxury Technology Show is very popular and appreciated for exhibiting the latest innovations from some of the most prestigious and cutting edge technology brands from around the world.

CRP USA will also showcase for the occasion the electric motorcycle Energica Ego, the first ever developed with Windform 3D-printed parts and produced by Energica Motor Company. On display there will be the custom-made Windform headlight covers, developed by the young designer Bella Litinetski and the collections of face masks Carapace Mater and Collagene designed by Carapace Project and MHOX.