CRP USA at SmallSat Symposium 2016

CRP USA at SmallSat Symposium 2016
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The CRP USA will be attending from Feb. 23-24 2016 SmallSat Symposium, the Small Satellite Business & Financial Show, hosted in the heart of Silicon Valley, Menlo Park, California.

The SmallSat Symposium is one of the most well-known events for technologies and business aspects about the small satellite market that gathers visitors from all over the world.

CRP USA will exhibit at the Reception Room, booth number 3, Hogan Lovells Conference Center.

CRP USA will display the latest solutions for the space industry manufactured in Windform 3D printing materials. Important goals have been achieved by Windform Additive Manufacturing especially in space mission.

CRP USA will show how the use of Windform reinforced composite materials, a technology developed for motorsport industry, is now finding inroads into space exploration. 3D printing is moving into a new exciting area. CRP USA will demonstrate the effectiveness of additive manufacturing and the Windform as a structural material for space applications.