CRP Technology and Windform materials headline the JEC World 2017

CRP Technology and Windform materials headline the JEC World 2017
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It is the largest international gathering of composites professionals. End-users are definitely the focus of interest: This is JEC World, the show that covers the whole composites value chain from raw material to processors and final products.

The 2017 edition runs from 14 to 16 March at Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Paris.

For the second year in a row CRP Technology has been invited to attend as exhibitor to showcase the latest innovations in the field of additive manufacturing with Windform high performance materials.

The 3D printed applications are: two generative orthoses made in collaboration with MHOX Generative Design studio, the main structure (with single arms) of Bebop 2 drone’s functional prototype, Automotive intake manifold functional prototype.

Generative orthoses and Bebop 2 drone’s body are on display at Better Living Innovation Planet (Hall 5A), Automotive intake manifold functional prototype is at the Automotive & Land Transportation Innovation Planet (Hall 6).

The Innovation Planets illustrate four major applicative markets: Aerospace, Construction & Building, Automotive & Land Transportation and Better Living including energy, sustainability, sports & leasure, medical, consumer goods.

They display the latest innovations, the best use of composites and will propose a range of discussions and workshops for additional networking opportunities. The Planets aim at demonstrating how inevitable and fundamental the composites are in the conception for end users’ innovations.

JEC World explores how composites respond to the challenges of our century: environment, sustainability, Industry 4.0., innovation, prospective, knowledge and trends.

Watch the video on Generative Orthoses

Watch the video on Bebop 2