CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica special guests at Golf Television

CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica special guests at Golf Television
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Innovation, research and strategic foresight are the principles shared by CRP Group throughout its history: a heritage of know-how that identifies the company in the international scenario and makes CRP one of the leading company in the field of new production technologies, such as the Additive Manufacturing with Windform materials, and customized CNC machining with high technology materials.

CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica are special guests at Golf Television episode number 153.

Golf Television’s host, Marco Bucarelli, welcomes Franco Cevolini, CEO CRP Group, and Luca Prampolini, golf pro and instructor at Modena Golf Academy (Modena Golf & Country Club).

They show KD-1 golf driver and sensor golf club’s prototype made from Windform Advanced materials for 3D printing. Both manufactured on behalf of Krone Golf, the world leader in custom engineered golf equipment.

KD-1 marked the beginning of collaboration between CRP Group and Krone Golf.

It is the world’s most advanced and functional golf driver in Windform SP Advanced material with precision CNC machined Titanium hitting surface.

Parts have been manufactured by CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica.

KD-1 is a functional golf club. Additive manufacturing technique, along with the use of Windform has also improved the speed, precision, design, flexibility and part optimization. KD-1 has been swung over 2,000 times, proving its strength and durability.

Its design’s inspired sensors golf club 3D printed prototype.

The golf club’s prototype incorporates motion sensors embedded in the head and grip, and it is ready for “practice swing” through an app showing sensors are active and take data in real-time . All components were manufactured by CRP Technology .

The first fully integrated and functional golf smart club will be made with Windform Additive Manufacturing and Titanium CNC machined. The Smart Club will be released worldwide in 2017: Imagine a Driver with dual 9-axis motion sensor, Launch Monitor, and a Professional Instructor seamlessly integrated as one – a golf club so smart that it can detect inefficiencies in a player’s swing through an app that results in measurable improvements. This would be the Golf Smart Club by CRP Group and Krone.

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