CRP has passed outgassing test at Nasa

CRP has passed outgassing test at Nasa
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CRP Laser Sintering materials have passed outgassing screening at NASA. Windform 3d printing materials can be considered suitable for space applications. CRP together with the American unit CRP USA have achieved a great result.

Windform SP, Windform XT2.0, Windform GT and Windform LX2.0 have passed the outgassing tests. The result states: Materials were tested in accordance to the ASTM E-595-07 standard and are considered passing.

This test method covers a screening technique to determine volatile content of materials when exposed to a vacuum environment. This test is therefore fundamental in space applications as the outgassing of the material  can change its mechanical and structural properties.

Results can be looked up from the website of Windform at the page Download Documents