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Italian journalist Sauro Legramandi wrote an in-depth article on CRP Group for the all-news channel

The article “Dall’Italia agli Usa la mazza da golf intelligente: in 3D printing e con due sensori nel grip e nella testa” it is posted on Legramandi’s blog “Golfando”.

It is about the sensor golf club’s prototype made from Windform Advanced materials for 3D printing by CRP Technology. The golf club’s prototype incorporates motion sensors embedded in the head and grip, and it is ready for “practice swing”. The app shows that the sensors are active and taking data in real-time.

The prototype has been unveiled at CES 2017 and achieved huge success.

Its design has been inspired by KD-1 driver golf club, manufactured by CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica on behalf of Krone Golf.