CRP Group shortlisted for the Premio Mascagni 2018

CRP Group shortlisted for the Premio Mascagni 2018
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The CRP Group has been shortlisted for the 7th edition of Premio Mascagni 2018. For the first time it involves companies and entrepreneurs from Modena and Ferrara.

The Premio Mascagni will be a formal evening recognizing and celebrating the most innovative companies based in Emilia Romagna.

The award is intended to enhance those companies that continue to grow despite the ongoing economic crisis, by increasing turnover, investing in research and innovation projects and conquering new markets worldwide.

The Premio Mascagni has been established by Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, in collaboration with Il Resto del Carlino newspaper, in memory of the entrepreneur Paolo Mascagni, a passionate believer of the role of industry in the development of our territory.

“We are very pleased to have been selected for the Premio Mascagni 2018 – states Franco Cevolini, CRP Group CEO and CTO – . From 1970 CRP Group is a pioneer in the world of international motorsports manufacturing and a hub of excellence for its state- of-the-art technologies. For over 45 years we have been working for the F1 world with CRP Meccanica, the CRP Group’s specialized division in precision CNC Machining, and for over 20 years we have been working in professional 3D printing field with our Windform® family of reinforced materials through CRP Technology. Companies working in the F1 field have something different in their DNA: you have to work harder, faster and provide excellent service. That’s the reason why in 2010 we decided to invest in the new field of sustainable vehicles by creating Energica. CRP Group acted as a technology and financial incubator, and it is still today the lead investor of Energica Motor Company, since it has become an independent entity. Energica has been recently chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup that will start in 2019. We are ready to sign a new chapter in motorsports history”.