CRP Group at Autosport International 2013

CRP Group at Autosport International 2013
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CRP Group will hold a workshop together with the MIA – The Motorsport Industry Association on Jan. 10th at 11.00 am at NEC, Birmingham during the exhibition Autosport International. This show represents one of the most important venue for the motorsport operators.
The title of the workshop that is illustrated by Franco Cevolini, CEO of the CRP Group, is: Translating Motorsport race technology to Automotive & Aerospace. For the occasion visitors can also see parts manufactured with 3D printing and cutting edge cnc machining.
The workshop is free and you need to register in the website of the MIA to take part.

The case-study Translating Motorsport race technology to Automotive and Aerospace is aimed at describing the development and creation of parts by means of additive manufacturing and CNC machining starting from the study of racing vehicles. The best technology, perfected on the racetrack, is used to develop Road and Aerospace parts. This case-study illustrates the advantage of using rapid manufacturing technology and Windform 3d printing materials together with state-of-the-art CNC machining processes to go from functional prototypes to small series and series production. These technologies need of course to come along with process and product engineering and specific design skills that CRP staff gained in 40 years of practice.
Energica, the electric streetbike prototype is an example of how CRP was able to use racing technologies to automotive.

The free workshop will take place Jan 10th at 11.00 am at Concourse Suite 22, NEC, Birmingham.