CRP at MIA EEMS 2019

CRP at MIA EEMS 2019
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CRP will be showcasing 3D printed parts manufactured in Windform composite materials for Energica motorcycles on sales

The MIA Entertainment and Energy-Efficient Motorsport Conference (EEMS) in association with AVL RACING at Autosport International, will be held at NEC (Concourse Suites 1 & 2, B40 1NT) Birmingham, UK on the 9th of January 2019.

CRP will be attending by showcasing the latest applications for the most demanding sectors manufactured by CRP Meccanica using Subtractive Manufacturing technology (CRP Meccanica is world-leading company in high precision CNC machining service) and by showcasing state-of-the-art 3D printed parts and components manufactured by CRP Technology using Additive manufacturing technology (CRP Technology is leading company in Laser Sintering technology with its patented composite materials Windform).

Franco Cevolini, CEO and CTO CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology, “Amongst the most advanced components realized by high precision CNC machining and professional 3D printing technologies, at MIA EEMS 2019 they will be stood out some end use parts we manufactured for the all-electric Energica motorcycles on sales, and Energica Ego Corsa’s and Samsung Bolid-E’s functional components.

The close involvement of Energica Motor Company in the MotoE project as single manufacturer for the inaugural FIM Enel MotoE World Cup – Cevolini added – has consecrated Energica as unquestioned point of reference at a global level for the high- performance electric motorcycle sector.

CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica, pioneers in international Motorsport and centers of high-tech excellence, have played a fundamental role in Energica’s confirmation, since their know-how  has supported Energica, and still does, from the early design phases till the current developments. The MIA EEMS 2019 is the right place to state it, by showcasing parts and applications manufactured by cutting-edge technologies and Windform composite materials provided by CRP!

The MIA EEM’s unique combined conference and technology showcase will gather over 200 leading figures from international industry, media and government organizations spanning motorsport, high-performance engineering, automotive and other adjacent sectors including aerospace, marine and rail to discuss current and future technology developments.

Not only will discussions focus on motorsport’s value in the race-bred design, development and application of energy-efficient solutions’ growing role will be discussed, as a powerful entertainment platform, in accelerating awareness, understanding, acceptance and adoption of disruptive new technologies, to help build a significant, robust and lucrative future market.