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News Release for 2017

New HSC Röders 5-axis milling/grinding machine at CRP Meccanica
CRP Group and CRP USA at CES 2018
Windform 3D printing materials revolutionizes the drone industry at Milipol 2017
CRP USA at the must-attend event PRI 2017
CRP Technology at Professional Motorsport World Expo 2017
CRP Technology disseminates Technological Culture among young people
Welcome to CRP Group: new video released!
Franco and Livia Cevolini at Gestire e Misurare l’Innovazione
Livia Cevolini speaker at Power Fortronic 2017
Franco Cevolini speaker at Fabbrica Digitale
CRP Group shortlisted for the TCT Awards 2017
Livia Cevolini at PhD Program BioRobotica
Franco Cevolini keynote speaker at FAIM 2017
CRP Technology at Rapid.Tech 2017
Livia Cevolini, speaker at TEDx Modena
CRP Technology will be attending the first Congress IDBN
CRP USA at SOMSA 2017 for the first time
Windform materials at Technology Hub 2017 with MHOX
CRP Technology and Windform technical partners for “sense-me”
Here’s Windform RL, the first thermoplastic elastomer material in Windform family
CRP USA celebrates the successful mission of the TuPOD small satellite
CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica special guests at Golf Television
CRP Technology and Windform materials headline the JEC World 2017
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